Since 2018, I am a post-doc at the Center for Astronomy/Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics (ZAH/ITA) in Heidelberg/Germany, where I am working in the “Interstellar Medium and Star Formation Group” led by Dr. Frank Bigiel. My current work focuses on the interpretation of extragalactic spectral lines of molecules that trace regions of dense gas in galaxies. Most targets are part of the IRAM 30m EMPIRE survey, but additional ALMA data is also available. In order to overcome the complex coupling of gas density and temperature, I also make use of highly-resolved hydrodynamic simulations of molecular clouds or larger fractions of the interstellar medium. Based on the results of the simulations, post-processing is performed with POLARIS (radiative transfer) and OPIATE (chemistry) in order to calculate abundances and level populations of the molecules. Our main aim thereby is to study the physical properties of the star forming gas in galaxies.

Previously, I was PhD student at the Department of Astronomy of the University of Stockholm, supervised by Dr. Matthew Hayes. In Stockholm, I was studying molecular gas and dust in local Lyman Alpha Emitters. Furthermore, I performed a detailed study on Tololo 1247-232, one of the very few known Lyman Continuum emitters in the local Universe.

Additionally, I am active in light pollution research and measurements. Read more about my interests on my research page, see my list of latest accepted observing proposals as principal investigator (PI) or browse my list of scientific publications.

Johannes Puschnig

Johannes Puschnig, MSc
69115 Heidelberg

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