Birding Gallery

My interest for bird watching started when I moved to Sweden in 2013. The country offers wide areas of wood land and an uncountable number of lakes, making it a great place for wildlife and nature photography, even in the greater Stockholm area where I used to live, e.g. Angarnssjöängens Naturreservat is a place I visited many times.
However, also during several visits in Chile – a country where astronomers go quite frequently – I had the chance to take some nice shots. Since 2018, I live in Heidelberg, Germany. Although the whole area is densely populated, there are a few small nature protection areas nearby, mainly along the river Neckar, e.g. Unterer Neckar.

PS: Let me know where to spot a common kingfisher in Baden Württemberg!

Updated by Johannes on April 17, 2018.